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International Association for the Study of Pain

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Led the strategic direction, and provided project management, expertise and insight, to improve organizations online presence. Project managed significant updates and assisted day-to-day maintenance of IMIS database. Developed and implemented a social media strategy engaging with a worldwide bank of champions and subject matter experts. Managed, advised and implemented technical aspects of lead generation marketing campaign for new member discovery, fundraising efforts and major event promotion. Led the delivery of web, email campaign and social media analytics and intelligence gathering which influenced marketing and communication strategies, improved search engine optimization and website usability, and content management guidelines. Managed, wrote and coded all email marketing efforts and updated multiple websites using HTML, CSS, ASP and JavaScript. Wrote project management guidelines and created multiple workflow scenarios to streamline processes within the organization.


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Created a website for French Boyband 2Be3. Work included project management working with Edel Records, the fan club, M6 TV Channel, Nikelodeon and other organisations related to the band's multiple entertainment assets. Working with the manager of the band on various marketing strategies including running competitions, record and film promotions, online promotion of products, tours, television appearances and a big push to get the band known in additional markets such as the US, Canada and Japan. Website based on asp, created all the graphic and coding assets for the site.  Website received over 1.5 million hits per day.


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WalkBC is a project that encourages citizens of British Columbia to get healthy but walking more. The work I was engaged with: Day to day maintenance of this Drupal based website. Make improvements to the backend of Drupal for ease of use by members of staff. Business analysis and project managed of an interactive Google Maps utility so clients can: Map walking routes throughout British Columbia's many trails Discover information about attractions and facilities on trail routes

British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association

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Performed high level system analysis on organizational processes, wrote and distributed RFP for CMS and CRM. Selected contracted company. Project managed solution delivery and rollout. Supported HTML, WordPress and Drupal based websites Front line IT help desk role including management of File/Print and Exchange servers, resolving long term issues with Access databases, network efficiency, virus attacks, and best practices Key role in deploying web based systems to replace in-house manual processes Conducted training needs analysis on staff then recommended, wrote and delivered a program of short courses. Improved office efficiency by conducting a Staff Workstation Assessment and initiating a Business Continuity Plan